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Funded projects work to your advantage as long as you are free to concentrate on your work.
We will take care of anything else.


Finances, Project activities, Partners, Documents

  • Taking up management of projects by various funding agencies
  • Developing and establishing effective project management structures
  • Co-ordination of project activities
  • Management of project budgets according to EU specifications
  • Maintaining contacts with project partners and the EU
  • Consultation on cost accounting and invoicing of projects


Budget consultation, Research, Finding partners for new project ideas

  • Development of innovative project ideas
  • Research into suitable funding and financing opportunities
  • Support and consultation during planning of project ideas and submission of applications for project ideas
  • Drafting project applications
  • Establishing an international network of potential project partners
  • Planning and development of total budgets and partner budgets as well as work plans and work packages


Partner reports, Project invoices and Auditing

  • Audit proof preparation of all project documentation for final audit by the EU/Second Level Control
  • Reviewing reimbursable costs of project finances
  • Requesting and co-ordinating partner reports
  • Drawing up and processing of overall summary reports in accordance with EU specifications
  • Incorporation of reports into the respective monitoring system
  • Clarification of EU inquiries


Audit of project financing: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Control

  • Audits of project finances (First-Level Controlling, audit certificates for the 7th Framework Programme)
  • Resource allocation audits of various other funding programmes
  • Consultation and support during further EU control level audits (amongst others, also Second Level Control Audits as well as third Level Control Audits)


When necessary, collaboration within the network

We have created a network of specialist competencies to deal with specific tasks which sit outside the daily project work. This includes:

Chartered accountant: We have chosen to collaborate with Thiemer and Ralf (www.thiemer-ralf.de) in Hamburg with regard to specialist tasks such as auditing.

Financial management: Our partner in this field is Financial Consultant Susanne Peeger, Hamburg.


Latest news, Training courses & Events

Briefing Seminar in German:

First-Level-Control (North-Sea-Region-Programme),  First Level Control Best Practice December 4, 2013, Hamburg

Katja Pollow

Founder | Owner

About Katja: After her training as an Assistant Tax Consultant and completing her studies in Law, with a focus on tax and auditing, she started working in a globally operating audit company. Her focus was on EU audits of various Funding Programmes and Programme areas. For seven years she has been involved with First Level Controlling and advising on EU funded projects.

Since 2010 she has been the person mainly responsible for the management of the EU department at BDO AG Auditing Company in Rostock.  Other areas of work include: Management, co-ordination and implementation of audits in line with Article 10 of Regulation 438/2001 of the Commission of the European Communities for subsidies from the European Social Fund (ESF) on behalf of various German federal states.


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